Why the name Labrador Tea

When photographing caribou in the alphabet hills, my friend mentioned the scent of the labrador tea plant reminded him of his dad. When he was a child, his dad would come home from hunting trips and empty the little leaves from his boots.

Over 50 years later, the scent takes him back to that memory.

For me, it was just as powerful. I had tromped all over it my whole life and while the smell was so familiar, I never knew what it was. It smells like the tundra. It takes me to the best times as a kid at the cabin. Sling shots and fishing trips and exploring in the woods. Berry picking in fall.

The more I read about the plant, the more I fell in love with it. It's used to make meat rubs, and tea with multiple amazing benefits, also known as tundra tea or bog tea. It's the first plant to grow after a wildfire, blooms tiny white flowers, smells wonderful and reminds me of home.

I didn't have a name for my business at the time, and this amazing plant and the stories it brings to mind encompassed my brand perfectly. 

Cheers, to Labrador Tea